Are you Rooted in the Source

Psalm 145:5

On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous work, I will meditate

I am a Christian educator who likes to get better at my work and I strongly believe that God weaved me to do this and to be a mother; both vocations are crucial to me. I was very excited when a colleague, at work, told me about a study opportunity on The Challenge of Technology and Christian Education; for me it was a timely opportunity to jump for mainly because of the universal migration, of education and other business, into the digital space. Total migration into the digital space came as a necessity to facilitate the continuity of education in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic which posed a big threat to teaching and learning.

This opportunity came at a time when I was grappling with questions of how I was going to teach Christianly and virtually; I enrolled for the course. I was able to meet some of the brightest minds in Christian Education who challenged me and shaped my work in a very interesting way. Our classes were purely virtual, very engaging and challenging us to learn more. Prof. Marjorie Terpstra, Prof. David Smith and Prof. Geoff Beech were kind enough to allow God to use them to take me, and my classmates, through this transformative journey.

During one of the classes we were challenged to learn to take a break from gadgets and enjoy creation, and to teach our learners to do the same. I saw a lot of wisdom in this; my worry when this new digital culture was clearly closing in on me, was about how getting too accustomed to electrical gadgets would be hazardous to me, and my learners; if the plan was that course instructors sentence learners to gadgets I had every reason to worry, I thought.

I decided to take a break from indoor life and all the gadgets therein and I took my sons (4 & 7) for a Sunday service in the compound. I led them to sit in the compound, right where they could see one of the trees very clearly. And my boys were disturbed, they were, under my instruction, looking at a tree which was right where it had always been, ‘We should be riding bicycles or playing computer games in the house, why are we looking at a tree?’ They asked. I think many of us would rather do other things instead of watching a tree, I do not blame them.

By the grace of God, I successfully managed to get them to watch the tree and hold a conversation about this creation of God; we looked at the functions and features of leaves, branches stem roots etc. How the tree fed, and why it fed.  We talked about light, rain, the roots in the ground which get nutrients and they are absorbed by the tree. We spent close to an hour discussing that particular tree. When we were ready to go back into the house, I asked them what they had learnt from our engagement on the tree, and my youngest boy, very excited to share his newly acquired wisdom beamed with a smile and said ‘trees have roots.’ He said it with joy. The entire hour, for him, was summarized in these three words.

Indeed all Christians need to have roots in the source of life to absorb and execute the duties God has assigned them. As a mother, and educator I am totally lacking if I am not rooted in God. I asked myself a question that day and the question is ‘Do I have roots?’

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