Ezekiel 4 & 5

I love praising God; it is from Him, and Him only, that all blessings flow. He chooses to give us what we do not deserve and warms us up with loving kindness and tender mercies. God knows that we deserve to be punished, but he warns us ahead of the punishment so that we repent, and he is faithful enough not only to forgive us but also to help us change from sinful livelihoods.

When the Psalmist (in Psalm 51) says that a broken and contrite heart God does not reject, he is telling us the truth. The story of Jonah is a good example of how sincere repentance overturns justice, because God’s grace is way bigger that deserved justice. The people of Ninevah chose to repent and seek God through prayer and fasting, and then God changed His mind and forgave them! Imagine how things would have turned out if these people had not repented and turned away from sin. Sincere repentance yields undeserving mercy.

I often look back at the bad things I have done and how God’s mercy has spared me from receiving a well-deserved punishment, from God or even man. I am sure many can relate. Forgiveness is a blessing we can access by asking.

A Christian who deliberately takes time to listen to God – by reading His word, prayer and meditation, and actively using her physical and spiritual senses to listen to God, will always understand warnings of impending judgment. This Christian will grow spiritual antennae that will keep her/him in the path of righteousness and this is the path that causes us to escape punishment and receive God’s restoration.

May we all be sensitive to sin, sensitive enough to repent and turn away from it, sensitive enough to repent and ask God to show us the right path to take that we may remain on the right path.

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