(It exactly midday, a visibly Samaritan woman is looking into the water where she sent the pot, by the rope and she is trying to fill it up with water. She is controlling the pot with the rope. She rises up slowly pulling a pot filled with water and finds a Jew, Jesus, a gentle man, clad in a tunic and sandals, is sitting by right by the same well. She quickly tries to get her pot quickly on her head so that she does not have stay in close proximity with this Jew.)

Jesus: (Noting her discomfort) Give me a drink. (Ina matter of fact, thou polite, tone)

Samaritan woman: (Obviously gripped with bewilderment) Have you forgotten that I am Samaritan and that you are I are not supposed to speak to each other.

Jesus: (With a calm demeanor) You probably need to take time and understand who I am because from me you can receive the water of life, then you will be thirst free, (pause) forever.

Samaritan woman: (laughs in mockery) How can you, a Jew, who has nothing to draw water with, claim to have living water? Please show me that living water? (She laughs at him)

Jesus: Where is your husband? (He disregards the mockery and remains calm.)

Samaritan woman: (puts her water pot back on the ground and counts the fingers on her hand inaudibly) (Aside) He thinks he knows it all, now he is asking about my husband! Hmmmm!

Jesus: (Looks at her keenly) You don’t have to be angry, or even guilty, I know that you have had 5 husbands far, and even that the one currently in your house is not yours.

Samaritan woman: (Aside) How does he get to know so much about me? (She turns and asks Jesus, cynically) Are you some kind of prophet? If you are a prophet tell me if people should worship on this mountain or in Jerusalem.

Jesus: When you worship the God you know, location is not likely to matter. All you need to do is put away falsehood, and filth. God delights in the worship of those whose hands are clean and hearts are pure; those who do not lift up their souls to what is false.

Samaritan woman: (Very curios) Stuff like that should be told to us by the Messiah and we are waiting for him! How do you get to know all these things anyway?

Jesus: I am the Messiah. (Emphatically)

(The woman, very surprised and obviously happy, and later relieved. She is obviously wondering how a Messiah can sit on the well and look so ordinary, but he has to be the messiah or h would not be so calm and knowledgeable! She sees His disciples walking toward the well, carrying food packs, she can see the shock in their faces and she knows that it is herSamaritan nationality which is bothering them. She does not care, about their opinion towards her. She hurriedly leaves the wall, without her water pot, and heads for the town centre.)

Disciple 1: Rabi we are wondering why you contaminate yourself by speaking to a Samaritan woman. (the 12 are all concerned)

Jesus: Have you not realized that my Father sent me to seek and save the lost?

Disciple 2: We obviously need to help you understand that we do not speak to Samaritans, especially when they are women. Matthew, please serve lunch we are starving, and begin with our Rabi.

Jesus: I am actually not hungry. I am satisfied from the work I have just done. (He notices the confusion on the 12 faces before him) The woman I just spoke too is busy ministering to others in the town. My father sent me to reach out to lost souls; I reached out to her and now she is reaching out to many. That is satisfying enough for me.

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