A Job seeker’s Diary – Day 3

Today was an exciting day; I woke up with a plan. I made myself a healthy breakfast of fresh fruits and cereal; my house was well stocked with supplies which I prided in arranging in the kitchen. My house did not have Nathan’s clothing, anymore, and his memory was surely going to fade off.

After breakfast, I put a pencil to paper and took time to draft sketches of jewelry designs for Jane’s wedding. Jane was my classmate at university, we reported for registration on the same day. We were both new to the university environment and I still remember her turning and reaching out her hand to greet me. She smiled briefly and said “I am Jane, Jane Amanya.”

I received her hand and told her my name to which we both gave the traditional response of “Nice to meet you.” Anyway, from that day she became a friend, she consistently struck me as a classy, down-to-earth lady who always looked sharp, no matter the weather. I needed to make jewelry which would match her personality.

That’s the beauty in beading, it starts from looking at the person and defining her/him and proposing what can suit her/him. A traditional kuhingira ceremony sees the bride, and her female entourage, wear a head pieces, necklaces, bracelets and sometimes anklets, the same pearls can also be put on the ladies’ clothes. My handy work took me four wonderful hours and when I was successfully done I sent the proposed designs to both Jane and Ellen. I also sent them pictures of the beads I had bought so that they look at the colours I had picked out.

Grace with Evidence

I took a walk around the neighbourhood, with my phone, just to stretch my legs. When I was midway the walk, I opened my message box and found many texts including those from Joel. He started with one-line texts saying; “hello beautiful” 5 minutes later, “Good morning my dear” 20 minutes later “please answer my call, dear, I need to speak to you” 20 minutes later “Are you okay?” hours later “Ruth, remember the lawyer friend I told you about? He agreed to meet with us on Friday, this week, over lunch. Please let me know if you will make it.” This message was followed by a few other texts which I did not take time to read. I called him right away.

“Hello” He responded.

“Good afternoon Sir, I am so sorry, I missed your calls and your texts; I was not with my phone the whole time.” I sounded honest and apologetic.

“You did not have your phone since yesterday?” there was a lot of sarcasm in his voice.

“Yes.” I needed to make him feel smart, so I told a lie, right away.

“That’s alright my love.” And we went down the road of the wrong words. There was a silence which was audibly telling me to reply, and I dived right into the big question.

“Did you say I could meet the lawyer on Friday?”

“Yes, one O clock. We shall meet Touch of Class Diners.” The answer came quickly and I received it with joy. We said a few meaningless statements to each other and the phone conversation ended.

Grace with Evidence ~ to be continued…

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