Grace with Evidence

The Praying Mother’s Son

A CHILD OF A PRAYING MOTHER – Grace with Evidence

A few weeks ago, I traveled to my home town, Mbarara, with my children, 8 & 5. Mbarara is a western Uganda District; about a four hours of driving from Uganda’s capital, Kampala. It is blessed with beautiful sceneries, fertile soils, fauna & flora, and it is home to my parents, these and other reasons make it very tick, at least for me.

While on the road, my kids anticipated their arrival into their grand parents’ house. “I know that grandma has cooked something delicious, can’t wait to eat it.” One confessed. “When I enter the house, I will hide grandpa’s TV remote control so that we watch only cartoons and no news, no sports!” the younger one asserted. They both started agreeing on the right hiding places for this digital controlling device. “I also know that grandpa will slaughter a goat or a sheep for us.” The older one predicted. I did not intrude in their conversations; I silently listened on, even as they planned to join other men in slaughtering whatever animal their grandfather would chose for them to eat. I don’t know whether my parents know how these children enjoy predicting them!

We arrived home, as the kids had rightfully predicted, there was a sumptuous meal on the table which we all enjoyed. Then they looked for the TV remote control and took it to their hiding place and their grandfather drove them to his farm etc. All their predictions came true!

On the other hand, I had an appointment to keep; it was with Dr. Richards Muhumuza, my very first employer. When I finished Senior Six, God blessed me with a job at Dr. Muhumuza’s dental practice. I was naïve, without a skill, young, raw, with absolutely no knowledge of medicine but God in his own wisdom got me employed at St. Jude Dental Practice.

It was the best dental facility I had ever seen; no wonder patients would come from Kabale, Kampala, and even Fort Portal to be given dental care. The facility did not have a speck of dirt; it had to be cleaned many times, it had state of the art equipment, and it was well decorated. Dr. Muhumuza’s dedication to his profession was a mystery; he would attend to patients with, empathy and dedication. And he ensured that we all did the same.

He had a spirit of excellence in him that would push him to ensure that every patient he worked on recovered. He also encouraged us, as his staff to read more and grow; he had a book for me to read every week. This would be literature related to the practice or career growth. In addition to a high degree of professional distinction, Dr. Muhumuza had a beautiful family.

I always wondered how one person could be an embodiment of all these wonderful things. His practice has now evolved into a much better facility and has been rebranded Trust Dental Practice.

My relationship with him has also evolved; he is that friend that I learn a lot from and do not want to lose.

I met with him at Trust Dental Practice and we chatted for a while and agreed to go visit his mother in Biharwe. His mother is an 85 year old jolly woman whose beauty radiates through wrinkles and grey hair, she has a magnetic personality which always drew me to her and she speaks wisdom; listening to her made me feel like she had woken up that morning to deliberately stimulate optimism into me . We had a long chat which would get more interesting every time we would intend to arise and take our leave.

In order to get to his appointments, the dentist needed to leave. Maama Maria rose up to pray for her son.

At first, I thought it was going to be an ordinary three sentence wrap-up prayer, but it was different. The jolly old woman picked up her walking stick and moved closer to the Dentist and proclaimed biblical blessings upon him as she held his hand;  she quoted individual bible excepts and the 85 year old appealed to God to be with the Dentist like he was with the Bible patriarchs- she knew them by name. I know that usually when praying we close our eyes but I opened mine, around 10 minutes into the prayer. She took his hand and blessed the work of his hands; she prayed that any patient he touches would receive the touch of God.

A moment came, midway the prayer (probably 30 minutes), and she said “Shitama, mwaanawange”, Runyankore for ‘Sit down, my son’. And she laid hands on his head and proceeded in prayer. She prayed for his wife and children and his journey back to his work and so much more. She prayed with authority and humility and focus and devotion. This Grace with Evidence was the fuel for the young man’s life

This moment solved the puzzle for me, for the first time I understood that the much sought after dentist was a product of his mother’s prayers. The power behind the excellence I always saw and admired in Dr. Muhumuza came because he had a praying mother. The big question to me was ‘do my children have a praying mother?’.

My question to you is “do your children have a praying parent?”

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