grace with evidence


Mathew 28:1-6 – Grace with Evidence

The greatest revelations I have received as a Christian through the word of God was the news of the empty grave, in this particular scripture.

The angel who broke this wonderful news to Mary and the guards was sitting right on the tomb; how seriously did the guards treat this news? Were they going to be fired? These uniformed armed soldiers watched the tomb all day and all night for three days and nights and the dead body was not there! Why were they watching over a dead body in the first case? Why were the women interested in anointing a dead body?

Many times we pay a lot of attention to things that are dead, pointless or hopeless. We mourn these things, we decorate them, we build monuments around them and we nurse them and we break more because we do not receive any fruit off these efforts. These dead things drain us more because they remind us of the big loss and take away our strength. If the ladies had found Jesus’ body, they would have mourned unquantifiable tears, anointed it and left, broken. The guards would have, on the other hand, congratulated themselves on a job well done and sent their boss a good report in hope for a promotion.

The angel gives these two groups of people the news of the empty grave; he calls upon the people to turn their eyes from the death to the life that springs out of this death. Is it a broken heart? Is it a death of a loved one? Is it a lost job or failed job interview? A broken relationship? God has a habit of bringing new life out of dead things; the new life God brings out is usually better and bigger than the one that died already.  Let us be deliberate about seeing a shinny angel who breaks protocol and sits on top of a guarded tomb and announces to well-wishers and non-well wishers that there is a new life which is bigger and better which has come out of a heartbreaking death. Grace with Evidence

May the Lord heal all who hurt. May He show you the new life that springs out of dead situations and may He shift your eyes from the death to the new life, because the tomb is EMPTY.

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