Dear Younger Self,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and eternal saviour, Jesus Christ.

You will experience crises; these crises will come in different packages. Some will come in form of public humiliation, some will be deep sharp painful heartbreaks, tearful disappointments … the list is long. You will need to remember that where there is life there is hope.

Crises will always teach you to appreciate the sidewalk of life; the place where the package of grief will sometimes push you. But don’t listen to whispers from the enemy. Remember that you will always find Jesus on that sidewalk; he will be ready to hold your hand. Where Jesus is, there is rejuvenation; the horror and shock of pain should draw you closer to God.

With Jesus on that sidewalk, you will have a good companion who will hold your hand and speak hope and encouragement; He is an expert at picking people up and refreshing them. The next time you get pushed to that sidewalk, again, you will remember that you found Jesus there the previous time.

And that sidewalk will also pass.


The older you.

Grace with Evidence.

I want to listen to more experiences of God’s love and display them here as proof that accepting that love is the most basic, yet life-changing favor we can do for ourselves. May we open our eyes and hearts to the life that Jesus has for us.

Pamela Tumwebaze

5 Replies to “Sidewalk”

  1. Wow. Pam this is beautiful.
    May we truly experience Jesus in the sidewalk and hang on to Him.

    Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to more!

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